Production in these days

  • Much more complicated and difficult than in the past.
  • Standardizing jobs, increasing productivity, reducing costs is now more than ever necessary.
  • In sectors where manpower is used more intensively, the management of blue collar personnel is vital in terms of product cost.
  • Quality products, short production times, healthy, safe and ergonomic production areas are a must for the new industry.


MethodWizard Lean Manufacturing Software

It is a web-based software product that analyze and store operations by transferring them to computer environment in database integrity, and easy-to-use functions enable the lean production works to reach its purpose.

Event / Productivity

Quality / Cost


  • Enterprise data and database technology
  • User-friendly interfaces, drag-and-drop functions
  • Automatic revision recording on page
  • Detailed revision information, the gains obtained as a result of improvement activities, the work lists loaded to blue collar operators, querying and reporting according to different information areas Assigning the data presented by the system as measurable indicators to the target
  • Role-based authorization and approval mechanisms
  • Web-based software architecture

Scope of application :

Human Resources (Operational Efficiency):
  • Blue Collar Work Analysis and Evaluation of Titles
  • Assessment of Duties, Powers and Responsibilities
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Norm Staff and Fee
  • Blue Collar Performance Management
  • Blue Collar Job and Vocational Training (Video Recording or Interactive Training)
  • Blue Collar Training Certification (Final Exam and Attendance Confirmation Screens)
  • Blue Collar Development Planning (Backup, Rotation)
Technical Areas (Operational Efficiency, Quality and Cost):
  • Examination of business processes; system integrity, interaction and communication efficiency and critical technical operations and resources identification
  • Reorganization and standardization of operations
  • Difficult / unnatural operation improvement
  • Improvement of irregular operations
  • Reducing non-value operations
  • Improvement of material movement flow and production time
  • Development of Golden Field applications
  • Determination of HSE risks and quality errors
  • Defining rhythmic operation against ergonomics and fatigue
  • Development of automation and investment proposals


Human resources :

  • Jobs are standardize and job descriptions are created
  • Updates job descriptions and revision control
  • Tasks, titles and responsibilities are defined and associated with operations and human resources, norm cadres are defines
  • Digital on-the-job trainings, backup and rotation planning

Technical Areas:

  • Time study data, equipment used, number of operators / competence and operation procedures are recorded and operation pages are prepared quickly
  • Streamline operational improvements with video analysis
  • Reduces operations without added value, prevents losses and wastage
  • Improves parts and workflow
  • The ergonomics of the plant are regulate
  • Occupational accident risks are identify
  • Production optimization